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GROUPS                                                                 FULL TIME          PART-TIME 

Infants (Wee Wonders)                                             $28.59/day       $30.48/day

Toddlers ( Twinkle Tots & Little Learners)       $26.22/day       $28.32/day

Junior PreSchool Room (Brite Stars)                 $24.57/day       $26.16/day

Senior PreSchool Room (Whiz Kids)                   $23.63/day       $24.84/day


KidZone Daycare is closed on statutory holidays and Family Day (the third Monday of February). Occasionally, KidZone Daycare will close on a Friday for a Professional Development day for staff.  No fees are charged on this day and much advance notice is given to families.

Join our Waitlist

The City of London requires you to create an account and join our waiting list by going to

We appreciate your patience and look forward to accepting your children!


Toddler with Wooden Toys

Wee Wonders

Infant Room

Age Group:  3-18 months

Class Size:  10 Children 

3 Teacher per 10 Children 

Small Child with Large Glasses

Brite Stars

Junior Preschool Room

Age Group: 31 Months - 4 Years 

Class Size:  15 Children 

2 Teachers per 15 Children

Diverse Kindergarten

Little Learners

Toddler Room

Age Group:  18-31 Months

Class Size:  10 Children 

2 Teachers per 10 children

Raising Arms

Whiz Kids

Senior Preschool Room

Age Group: 3-5 years 

Class Size: 16 Children 

2 Teachers per 16 Children

Girl with Acrylic Paints

Twinkle Tots

Toddler Room

Age Group: 18-31 Months

Class Size: 10 Children 

2 Teachers per 10 Children

Room Schedules 

The staff at KidZone observe your child and provide period developmental milestone assessments.  
Want to understand the developmental milestones? 


6 Months Milestone

2 Year Milestone

9 Months Milestone

2.5 Year Milestone

12 Month Milestone

3 Year Milestone

18 Month Milestone

5 Year Milestone

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